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New HP 3D Printer Announced at RAPID 2016

NovaStar’s  Rick Storch and Ben Baumgarten witnessed HP’s grand entrance into the additive manufacturing industry at RAPID 2016, the industry trade show held in Orlando, Florida May 16-19, 2016. The RAPID conference is the longest-running and most respected additive manufacturing event in North America, attracting buyers, sellers, and end consumers of 3D technology. With 4500 … Continued

What Components are Critical for a Calibration Asset Management Tool?

In our previous blog we covered the value of a Calibration Lab providing its customers the functionality of a Calibration Asset Management Tool. In summary, the tool helps the person responsible for instrument calibration to schedule, implement and track the histories of each instrument in a fast, easy and accurate manner.   What are the … Continued

Why Use an Instrument Calibration Asset Management Tool?

The Benefits of an Instrument Calibration Management Tool Periodic calibration of test instruments is required for accurate measurement and testing, but it can be an involved process. How many instruments do you have that need what kind of calibration? What is the calibration history of each instrument? How do you set schedules for multiple instrument calibrations … Continued

Technology Growth in Southeast Michigan

When the topic of technology centers in the U. S. comes up, discussions focus on Silicon Valley, the “Route 128 Belt” in Massachusetts, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, as well as centers in Texas and Seattle. But one of the fastest growing technology centers is often overlooked – Southeastern Michigan. The area is sometimes … Continued

Three Reasons Why Calibration is Important

In our modern society, it is important that the devices we use to measure the physical quantities around us are accurate. From the weather to the medical field, from the automotive industry to agriculture, obtaining accurate measurements is essential to making decisions and performing tasks. These measurement devices need to be verified that they give … Continued

Three Things Companies Can Do With Retired IT Assets

To keep up with changing technology and improve user productivity, companies need to periodically update their personal computer fleets. Before new systems are installed, a decision must be made regarding what to do with the remaining retired equipment. What To Do with Retired Computers When retiring old computers the first thing you need to consider … Continued

Personal Computer Acquisition: Rent, Lease or Buy?

When it comes time for a business to upgrade its fleet of tablets, notebooks, laptop or desktop computers, options include renting, leasing or buying new or refurbished devices. Generally speaking, renting is short term solution – for months, not years. Some examples are for trade shows, special limited time projects or temporary employees. Purchasing hardware gives … Continued

Four Ways CAD/CAE is Advancing Wind Energy

Despite the recent fall in oil prices, fulfilling long-term energy needs will likely still require developing alternate sources. The wind energy industry is one that continues to grow and holds significant promise. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), there are now over 53,000 turbines in the US, more than double the number from … Continued

How Tesla GPUs are Revolutionizing CAD Use

Like organizations in most other industries, companies that rely on CAD technology face increasing pressure to reduce lead times, cut costs, and improve productivity. Balancing those needs while still maintaining a high level of quality is challenging. Advances in CAD processor technology, however, are proving to be a way for firms to meet that challenge. … Continued