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Three Reasons Why Calibration is Important

In our modern society, it is important that the devices we use to measure the physical quantities around us are accurate. From the weather to the medical field, from the automotive industry to agriculture, obtaining accurate measurements is essential to making decisions and performing tasks. These measurement devices need to be verified that they give … Continued

Three Things Companies Can Do With Retired IT Assets

To keep up with changing technology and improve user productivity, companies need to periodically update their personal computer fleets. Before new systems are installed, a decision must be made regarding what to do with the remaining retired equipment. What To Do with Retired Computers When retiring old computers the first thing you need to consider … Continued

Personal Computer Acquisition: Rent, Lease or Buy?

When it comes time for a business to upgrade its fleet of tablets, notebooks, laptop or desktop computers, options include renting, leasing or buying new or refurbished devices. Generally speaking, renting is short term solution – for months, not years. Some examples are for trade shows, special limited time projects or temporary employees. Purchasing hardware gives … Continued

Four Ways CAD/CAE is Advancing Wind Energy

Despite the recent fall in oil prices, fulfilling long-term energy needs will likely still require developing alternate sources. The wind energy industry is one that continues to grow and holds significant promise. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), there are now over 53,000 turbines in the US, more than double the number from … Continued

How Tesla GPUs are Revolutionizing CAD Use

Like organizations in most other industries, companies that rely on CAD technology face increasing pressure to reduce lead times, cut costs, and improve productivity. Balancing those needs while still maintaining a high level of quality is challenging. Advances in CAD processor technology, however, are proving to be a way for firms to meet that challenge. … Continued

Integrating LCA and CAD for Sustainable Product Design

The concept of sustainability and being environmentally friendly continues to be a focus in the manufacturing industry. It is now commonly accepted that designing products with sustainability in mind is good for the environment, consumers, brands, and business. While many businesses are striving to be environmentally friendly as a show of corporate responsibility, growing government … Continued

Four Disadvantages of Seat Sharing for CAD/CAE

With an uncertain economy and competitive environment, every company is focused on the bottom line. Publicly traded companies have the additional pressure from Wall Street to produce positive short term results. One of the biggest victims of cost reduction is the acquisition of new and value added assets. Critical systems that are necessary are typically … Continued

Three Concerns of 3D Printing

Disruptive technology is the center of discussion for innovation. For example, Apple established the smartphone industry with the iPhone and Dell revolutionized PCs with build to order manufacturing. These innovations provided significant advantages and are viewed as positive developments. The same is true for 3D printing, which is disrupting the mass production manufacturing industry as … Continued

Additive Manufacturing Opens Exciting Opportunities

3D printing has generated buzz in the manufacturing world, specifically with prototyping. The term “Additive Manufacturing” is being adopted in the industry, as it describes the production technique of building from the bottom up rather than shaping an existing piece of material. Additive Manufacturing creates products by layering and allows using a wide range of … Continued