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Novastar HP3D Open House

Novastar HP3D Open House | August 29, 2019 Published by Novastar Solutions (Livonia, MI) LIVONIA, MI AUGUST 7 The family of HP MJF 3D Printers has grown to include the new 5200 Series which unlocks ever higher production volumes while further refining production tolerances. There will be a special presentation from HP’s own David Tucker … Continued

Novastar Calibration Lab Expands Scope of Accreditation

Livonia, MI, April 17, 2019 – Novastar Solutions announced today that it has expanded its scope of accreditation to accommodate growing demand for test instrument calibrations. Completion of the new ISO/IEC 17025-2017 guidelines assessment, achieving A2LA accreditation, and the acquisition of additional equipment have expanded the capabilities of the Novastar team to include calibrations of: … Continued

HP’s Open Platform Approach Accelerates 3D Printing

When HP announced their revolutionary end-to-end 3D printing solution in 2016 there were high hopes and equal amounts of skepticism. After all, HP’s dream is to completely reinvent the way we design and print functional parts, and establishing its place in modern manufacturing requires serious disruption. Historically, 3D printing hasn’t offered the application or economics … Continued

NovaStar’s LISN Calibration Capability

What is an LISN?   LISN stands for Line Impedance Stabilization Network. Basically, it’s an instrument used to measure the base radio frequencies of other devices by isolating the radio frequency of the power input. By providing a precise impedance to the power input of the EUT (equipment under test), the LISN gets repeatable measurements … Continued

IT Asset Management Infographic

  Understanding ITAM:IT Asset Management What do you do when you manage 100’s or 1000’s of computers for your organization and they get replaced with shiny new ones? You could try to sell the old computers on your own, but how do you know what they are worth? What if they are broken or have … Continued

HP Elite x3 at a Glance

The HP ELite x3 is redefining workplace mobility HP’s newest piece of Tech, the Elite x3, is a near all-purpose mobile device perfect for any business seeking to make their workplace more efficient. The device serves as both a smartphone and a fully functioning PC that can be docked onto other devices or displays. The … Continued

New HP 3D Printer Announced at RAPID 2016

NovaStar’s  Rick Storch and Ben Baumgarten witnessed HP’s grand entrance into the additive manufacturing industry at RAPID 2016, the industry trade show held in Orlando, Florida May 16-19, 2016. The RAPID conference is the longest-running and most respected additive manufacturing event in North America, attracting buyers, sellers, and end consumers of 3D technology. With 4500 … Continued

What Components are Critical for a Calibration Asset Management Tool?

In our previous blog we covered the value of a Calibration Lab providing its customers the functionality of a Calibration Asset Management Tool. In summary, the tool helps the person responsible for instrument calibration to schedule, implement and track the histories of each instrument in a fast, easy and accurate manner.   What are the … Continued

Why Use an Instrument Calibration Asset Management Tool?

The Benefits of an Instrument Calibration Management Tool Periodic calibration of test instruments is required for accurate measurement and testing, but it can be an involved process. How many instruments do you have that need what kind of calibration? What is the calibration history of each instrument? How do you set schedules for multiple instrument calibrations … Continued

Technology Growth in Southeast Michigan

When the topic of technology centers in the U. S. comes up, discussions focus on Silicon Valley, the “Route 128 Belt” in Massachusetts, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, as well as centers in Texas and Seattle. But one of the fastest growing technology centers is often overlooked – Southeastern Michigan. The area is sometimes … Continued