HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution Comes to Michigan

LIVONIA, MI May 10, 2017
HP 3D Printing Demo Center Introduced at Novastar Solutions

The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution has arrived in Michigan and resides at Novastar Solution’s new HP 3D Printing Reference and Experience Center in Livonia.

HP Inc. announced Novastar Solutions as one of its 3D Printer Specialization Partners at RAPID + TCT 2017  May 8 in Pittsburgh, PA – North America’s preeminent event for 3D manufacturing. Novastar Solutions was selected as a solution provider to sell, install, and service the HP 3D Jet Fusion 4200 Printer in Michigan and Ohio.

Unveiling HP’s 3D Printing Demo Center in Michigan

Testing and qualification of new 3D printing use cases are enabled in a controlled environment at the Demo Center at one of Novastar’s locations in Livonia, MI. Novastar and experts from HP introduced the exhibit to the public this June. The purpose of the facility is to provide customers a path to advance from prototyping to full-scale 3D production. Novastar is presently printing benchmark parts for its customers interested in acquiring the new Jet Fusion technology.

HP Multi Jet Fusion is Redefining 3D Printing

Capable of delivering superior1 quality physical parts at up to 10x the speed and half the cost of other commercial 3D printers, the HP 3D Jet Fusion 4200 Printer can print anywhere from 1 to 2400 parts in a single build. Embracing an open platform approach, HP Inc. is working closely with customers and partner companies to develop new materials with special material properties down to the voxel level (i.e. 3D pixel).

The Jet Fusion printer prints parts that cannot be made with legacy manufacturing technology, and continuous development of new materials and software makes innovative applications possible. Through their partnerships, HP aims to reinvent and accelerate the growth of the manufacturing industry and spearhead the widespread adoption of 3D printing across industries.

Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing at HP Inc., shared these thoughts at RAPID+TCT 2017:

“Building on our experience of more than 500,000 Multi Jet Fusion-produced parts, we are now scaling our 3D printing business to the next level. Today we are expanding our solutions availability through new resellers, opening new experiential facilities for customers and partners, and widening our open 3D printing materials ecosystem,”

Building a Network of Trusted Partners

Novastar Solutions and other Certified HP 3D printing reseller partners are extensively trained to bring best-in-class expertise and knowledge of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology to customers deploying the solution, as well as value added services such as enablement of new applications and industry-leading response time and service.

Companies interested in visiting the Livonia  HP 3D Printing Reference and Experience Center to explore the new technology please contact Josiah Klaus (734-657-3006). For media inquiries, contact Mary Baumgarten (734-838-9549).Follow the link to learn more about the HP 3D Jet Fusion Printing Solution.


About Novastar Solutions

Novastar Solutions is a leading provider of new IT hardware and engineering software, IT asset management, A2LA accredited instrument calibration services and HP 3D Jet Fusion Printing Technology. Since 1998, their end-to-end solutions and quality service have been lauded by leaders in automotive, aerospace, medical devices, manufacturing, and nuclear energy among other industries and institutes of higher education