IT Asset Management Infographic

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What do you do when you manage 100’s or 1000’s of computers for your organization and they get replaced with shiny new ones?  You could try to sell the old computers on your own, but how do you know what they are worth? What if they are broken or have some dents and dings?  You can’t just throw them in a dumpster – that is an environmental no no.   What you need is a company that specializes in IT asset disposition (ITAD) – which is a fancy way of saying taking care of your fleet of computers at the end of their usefulness to you.

There may be substantial residual value in your retired computers that can be optimized by having them refurbished and resold.   Or you may want them refurbished and donated to a non-profit.  Most likely you need to be certain no one gets access to the data on the disk drives by having them wiped or destroyed.    Ultimately, for computers that cannot be re-used, you want to be sure they do not end up in a landfill or the aforementioned dumpster.

Businesses, financial institutions, schools and government agencies come to Novastar to recover value from their aging IT assets.  Novastar’s experts access the value of retired PCs, tablets, copiers, enterprise equipment, etc., wipe or destroy the disks, refurbish the devices and re-sell them for your organization through direct sales and online ecommerce websites.   What cannot be sold is broken down for parts or environmentally correctly recycled. Every device is tracked and reported on.

Don’t miss out on the value of your retired assets by painstakingly selling your equipment online, let NovaStar be the Solution to your asset disposition problems.