THE BIG M Convergence

THE BIG M is an extraordinary gathering of industry professionals, manufacturers and policymakers with the shared vision of applying our best thinking to our most complex manufacturing challenges. It’s not about starting a discussion – it’s about finding real-world solutions by harnessing the collective knowledge of manufacturers across industries. That’s why we need you, your boss, your colleagues and business partners to attend. What you’ll get is exclusive access to people and technology that are transforming manufacturing right now.

Novastar Solutions is proud to be a part of this groundbreaking conference. We are at the forefront of Detroit’s resurgence as an economic leader and industry trend-setter and an event of this magnitude is a clear sign that Detroit is a city primed for growth.

Why Detroit?

Detroit is manufacturing. Often referred to as the Renaissance City, there’s no place on earth more ideal for reimagining the future of manufacturing than Detroit. Breakthrough technologies and applications, rigorous customer demands, new industry and policy initiatives all offer unprecedented opportunities for forward thinking companies.

Novastar Solutions has served Michigan business for the last 15 years and will proudly continue supporting the Detroit metropolitan area as industry evolves and changes.

  • 600,000 Manufacturing Employees
  • 15% of manufacturing workforce employed by Big 3
  • One of the fastest growing IT sectors in the country
  • Home to 14 Fortune 500 companies
  • A critical juncture for the NAFTA corridor

A New Detroit

NovaStar is helping to build a viable revitalized Detroit and events such as THE BIG M conference are vital to showing outside customers and vendors what the area is capable of. With such a uniquely diverse talent pool the Detroit metropolitan area finds itself poised to be a success story in the coming years and Novastar will be there to supply critical hardware, software, and consulting services for all phases from planning to execution.

Our staff has the experience and industry specific insight to provide our customers the tools required to get the job done. We have carefully developed relationships with the leading suppliers in many industries that give us the edge in both pricing an delivery. THE BIG M, and similar events, play a key role in furthering these relationships and allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of business in the area.
JUNE 2-4 2015

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