Novastar’s Unique Approach

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and (CAE) have been in wide use for product design and analysis, particularly in automotive manufacturing.  Novastar Solutions offers new and current users unique value in packaging globally renowned and trusted software – Dassault Systeme’s CATIA and SIMULIA – with industry leading HP engineering workstations and Novastar’s unquie service offerings.  Contact us to learn how we can lower your costs and provide you with superior service.



CATIA Computer aided design CAD software solutions allow users to create 3D assemblies for a wide variety of engineering processes including:

  • Cast and forged parts
  • Plastic injection and molding
  • Composites part design and manufacturing
  • Sheet metal parts design
  • Advanced fastening operations

CATIA 3D Modeling tools enable defining a complete mechanical product with improved productivity.


  • Create complete 3D parts from sketch to full assemblies
  • Easy transition from 2D to 3D design
  • Consistent drawing updates reduces user tasks
  • Manufacturing process intent captured early in design stages
  • Multiple tooling design applications
  • Specification  driven modeling approach to mechanical surfacing


Mechanical Engineering

  • High productivity and change flexibility

Model Based Definition

  • Single source geometric product definition

Composites Engineering

  • Design analysis and manufacture on one platform

Sheet Metal Design

  • Quality sheet metal part design fast

Fastener Design

  • Easily design complex fasteners with scalability

Plastic Part and Mold Design

  • High quality, quickly, while controlling costs

Electrical Systems

  • Wire harnesses, cable systems & electrical components

Fluid Systems

  • Specification driven design environment

Architecture Engineering & Construction

  • Plan and model buildings

Machine & Equipment Design

  • Industrial equipment engineering

Transport and Mobility Design

  • Integrate chassis and powertrains

Marine & Offshore

  • Ship and space design applications

High Tech engineering

  • Sheet metal, plastics parts, circuit boards and more

Knowledge Engineering

  • Apply knowledge rules throughout the product design