Industrial automation enhanced with HP 3D Printing

Industrial Automation Enhanced with HP 3D Printing

Novastar Solutions and Forerunner 3D provide a content-packed webinar on Industrial Automation Enhanced with HP 3D Printing. Reduce lead time, production costs, and assembly weight by implementing 3D printing into your Industrial Automation.

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hp 3d printing polypropylene intro and applications

HP 3D Printing Polypropylene: Intro & Applications

This pre-recorded webinar covers the introduction and application of the newest HP 3D material – Polypropylene. This material was developed by BASF for use in the 5200 Series Printers.

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HP 3D Printing Intro 101

Introduction to HP3D Printing 101

This pre-recorded webinar is a great introduction to HP 3D Printing Solutions. Learn more about production workflow, available materials, and a wide variety of design capabilities.

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3D Printing Estane TPU

3D Printing Estane® TPU

This pre-recorded webinar provides in-depth information about HP 3D Printing Estane® M95 Polyurethane. This webinar is chock full of excellent content and torture tests for this new material.

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