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Windows XP - End Of Life Notice

You appear to be using Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports as of April 8, 2014.
This is a serious matter with financial and security implications. Please take a moment to ensure you understand why.


  • Top dollar for your equipment, consign or buyout
  • Zero landfill policy, we responsibly recycle


  • Multi-platform hardware and software migrations
  • IT support services to strenghten your existing team


  • Simulate complex environments to shorten development cycles
  • Reduce material costs with virtual prototyping


  • In our lab or at your facility – fast, accurate, reliable
  • On-site pickup available in many areas

The Future of Manufacturing

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Why NovaStar Solutions?

From IT hardware and CAD/Simulation software procurement - to deployment planning, life-cycle IT asset management and data center strategies - NovaStar offers best in breed IT Solutions. Utilizing the latest technical offerings from HP, Dassault Systemes, SGI, Microsoft and others, Novastar cultivates long term customer relationships by providing quality service with personal attention tailored to your needs.

A technology solution for your enterprise goes beyond acquiring hardware, software networking and storage. At Novastar Solutions we are your partner in planning and managing your organization’s technology lifecycle – from design and development, acquisition, through implementation, maintenance, repair, upgrading and eventual retirement and recovery of the value of your technology assets.

Why NovaStar Metrology?

You need fast, reliable and accurate calibration of your test instruments - on site or in our lab in Livonia MI. You also want to feel in control of your valuable assets – which we give you through our unique Customer Portal. Our customers return year after year because of excellent customer service.

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Livonia West

Food Processing Company

“NovaStar continues to provide us with excellent service and good returns on our used computer equipment. In the past, trying to resale used computer equipment was a huge hassle. NovaStar's customer service has made the process much easier.”

Consumer Goods Manufacturer

“We have been using Novastar for over 10 years for our PC and Laptop asset retirement and have been very pleased with the relationship. We use them for both reselling our old equipment as well as securely wiping the data. We have found Novastar to be very fair in their pricing and responsive in our communication needs. It has been a hassle free ride for a long time with any questions or issues dealt with in a very timely manner. Other vendors have approached us on our asset retiring needs, but when I tell them how our program works with Novastar, they can’t match its ease of use and low administrative burden. It has been a pleasure to work with a local company who has good customer service along with honesty and integrity at its core.”

Financial Services Company

“We have been working with Novastar, Inc., Livonia, Michigan, for approximately 8 years. They have handled the majority of our IT equipment returns (Servers, PC's, Laptops). This often entailed large lease returns (over 1,000 units at a time) to individual components. We have been extremely pleased with the service they have provided us, which includes detailed audits identifying damages/deficiencies and the ultimate sale of the assets. They provide us with monthly inventory reports and their remittances are always on time. We will continue to utilize their excellent service in the foreseeable future.”

Energy Company

“We would like to recommend NovaStar Solutions.Com, LLC as a customer who can meet your business needs for future transactions. NovaStar Solutions.Com, LLC has always given us excellent values on all obsolete and surplus computer equipment. They are very professional to work with, and are diligent in ensuring payments are received to us in a timely manner whenever they purchase our used or surplus computer equipment. NovaStar Solutions.Com, LLC would be an outstanding company to interact with and handle business transactions. We would highly recommend this company and have utilized their services in the past and will continue conducting business with them.”

About Us

Founded by David Baumgarten, NovaStar Solutions LLC is a privately held firm located along a business corridor just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Through hard work, determination and a quality reputation, NovaStar Solutions was born from David’s original company and continues to thrive today. NovaStar Solutions recognized the need to offer flexible combinations of IT services including hardware, asset management, financial services, maintenance and support in a single offering.

By providing customized management services, NovaStar has been able to make the process of constant technology improvement easier. NovaStar has reduced the cost of technology and increased the return on assets for many of our customers. This allows our customers to become more efficient and effective in the use of their technology while staying ahead of the competition.

Our goal is to provide quality technology solutions for today’s businesses. We strive to keep our focus on quality people, the right product, competitive pricing and customized solutions.